Lost Hearts Hunt 2023

When: January 19, 2023 to February 19, 2023

Where: Wind Struck region in Second Life (full sim hunt)

SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wind%20Struck/177/217/29

What: Find 25 hearts like the one pictured, and get fabulous prizes!

Cost: Absolutely FREE!


We have hidden 25 Valentine hearts in the beautiful, romantic island of Wind Struck, filled with Valentine and spring-related wearables and decorations for everyone! Many of the hearts have multiple prizes inside. And we are adding more prizes on a regular basis!

The hunt items, which are like the one in the picture (but may be different colors), are easy to find. They’ve been placed around the sim in buildings or other points of interest, and mostly in full sight. Simply “buy” them for zero dollars. Most items are unisex. However, if there is a men’s version of something, there will also be a corresponding ladies’ version.

HINT: Look in *obvious* places where people might gather, such as near a path, in a store or building, or on an eye-catching object. They won’t be hidden under an obscure rock or up a tree! All areas of the sim are public, including the little homes, so you are free to search and enjoy all areas (while being respectful of others, of course).

There are currently 25 hunt gifts as of this writing, most with multiple items inside! Most of them were created brand-new for this hunt. While you are there, enjoy the beautiful, romantic ambiance of Wind Struck, find a quiet place to cuddle, shop for Valentine gifts, outfits & accessories, dance in the ballroom, or enjoy a free horse ride or stroll.

Romantic Ballroom on Wind Struck


Among the prizes are two matching men’s and two ladies’ mesh outfits, hair for men and ladies, Valentine’s day accessories to wear, pictures, flowers and many decorations. Below are some pictures of just *some* of the items.


Tayren Theas


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