Winter Wishes Holiday Hunt 2018

Winter Wishes Holiday Hunt 2018Now through December 31, we have assembled 25 awesome prizes, and hid them inside little Christmas presents all over the island of Wind Struck in Second Life.

Simply look for small presents that look like the ones at our landing, and buy them for zero (0) dollars!

All prizes are either Holiday wearables or indoor & outdoor decorations, and all are for both men and women!

We have hats, scarves, wings, pine trees, garden decorations, whimsical mushrooms, topiary trees, indoor furnishing such as rugs, dining sets, seating, curtains, and so much more!

Every single prize is high quality, unisex, and can be used by all! Most of these gifts have been made brand new for this event. And many boxes have several gifts inside!


Second Life SLurl:


Not only do we have 25 awesome free prizes hidden away, but many more free presents under our Christmas trees in Santa’s workshop, Santa’s sack, and our Gingerbread Cafe. That means dozens more than just the 25 hunt items, just waiting for you to come and get them!

The island is simply stunning in both evening and daytime settings, featuring the shopping village, North Pole with Santa’s workshop, wintry parks and pathways, and the stunning Fairy Valley populated by fairies, pixies and unicorns!

Below are pictures of just some of the prizes you can find. Most of the prizes (with the exception of the many wearable gifts) can be used to furnish and decorate the wintry Log Cabin both inside and out. The cabin is also a prize in the hunt!

We are sorry, but we offer no hints. The gifts are in open places, and the Christmas gifts are even easier to find under the Christmas trees. The only suggestion is to look in obvious places like in shops, or near landmarks like gazebos or benches. We won’t hide them in an obscure or overly difficult place!

We will be adding to the gifts regularly. Please feel free to come back with a friend to enjoy all the gifts and the fun activities such as skating, horse riding with the free horses provided, cuddling, sledding, visiting with Santa, photo opportunities, and more! While you are at here, check out the some of the finest Christmas and Holiday costumes in SL from TFF and Hig’s!

Once again our location is:

Second Life SLurl:

Have fun, and Happy Holidays!

Tayren Theas
Hig Bing


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