Go Medieval on Cancer at the RFL UAC Medieval Faire!!



The Gates to the UAC Medieval Faire, open from June 17 – 26, 2016

Huzzah! The Second Annual Relay for Life UAC Medieval Faire is underway, now through June 26, 2016!

This Faire is similar to a real life “Ren Faire” and is part of Relay for Life of Second Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society with sales of medieval-themed wares and donations at various events such as trivia contests, jousting, and musical performances. A full schedule of events and list of shops can be found on the UAC Medieval Faire website.

The UAC Medieval Faire is located in Second Life at this location (must have SL account):


The Faire, a part of the Unmasking a Cure team’s several yearly RFL events, is currently being featured as an Editor’s Pick in the Second Life Destination Guide. This is quite an accomplishment for an event only in its second year!

Educator’s Note: How is the UAC Medieval Faire Educational? People can learn about ways in which they can help fight cancer, and also learn about Medieval times by engaging in many authentic Medieval-style events at the faire!

Interview with Mary Teodosio, General Manager of the UAC Medieval Faire

The Faire’s General Manager, Mary Teodosio, is the Team Captain of RFL of SL’s Unmasking a Cure team. I caught up with her to ask her a little bit about the faire.

Me: Mary, can you tell me how you got involved in Relay for Life?

Mary: I became involved in RFL when I was asked to host an event through my Tiny Empires kingdom for another team. I had extensive real world fund-raising experience and knew that I could do more than a single event. This led me to form a team, with my good friend, Jean Munro.


Mary Teodosio at the UAC Medieval Fairegrounds. Sim designed by Geryn Sloan.

Me: How did you come to establish the UAC Medieval Faire? What ideas did you draw from?

Mary: The medieval faire was a natural progression from the Grand Joust that our team was already hosting, run by Ricci Juliesse. In 2015 Nyza Stillwater approached me and indicated he was helping with the Joust but would like to expand it further by adding events and changing the format to resemble something closer to a real-world Renaissance Faire. I give all due credit to Nyza for his brilliant idea and starting what will, arguably, be one of the ‘go to events’ of the Relay season.

Me: How has the faire grown from last time?

Mary: This year, the faire has doubled in the amount of merchants we have participating! We had around 25 merchants last year and have expanded that to over 50.  We have brought our En Garde Tournament and our Trivi-a-thon under the umbrella of the faire. In addition we expanded our entertainment by adding more DJ-driven sets and live performers. We will have a full lineup of live music on the closing day.


Shopping for Medieval-Style Clothes, Accessories and Decor at the UAC Medieval Faire

Me: What is your personal favorite part of the faire?

Mary: My favorite part has been experiencing the overwhelming generosity of spirit and cooperation from the merchants, entertainers, and role-players. I have learned so much through this process. The most important lesson learned is how important the SL community believes Relay For Life is, and the need to find a cure.

Me: Is there anything else you would like to tell potential visitors about the faire?

Mary: To all the potential visitors; thank you for your interest in the faire and we hope you visit! Please remember that RFL events are PG; you should expect to see child avatars on sim and we respectfully request PG conduct and dress. We have plenty of beautiful costumes and accessories being sold at the faire to help get you into the spirit of Medieval times! I’d also like to invite you to join in all the tournaments. Our Medieval Combat groups put on a heck of a show, but they are always seeking new members to join the fun. So if it LOOKS FUN, DO IT. You can find all the equipment you need right here at the faire!

Medieval Style Games at the Faire, Coordinated by Ricci Juliesse

Jousting and other medieval-style sporting games are an integral part of the UAC Medieval Faire, and anyone is welcome to join. There are many free tools available for jousters and medieval sport players at the faire. I chatted with Ricci Juliesse, one of the UAC Team’s leaders, about her important role in the sporting games at the faire.

Me: Ricci, can you please tell me about your role in the faire? 

Ricci: I am the Medieval Games/Sport Coordinator. I schedule, run and makes sure that the 4 different tournaments (Jousting, Archery, Melee and Horse Racing) run smoothly and efficiently.


Ricci Juliesse at the UAC Faire on her jousting horse ‘Spirit’, in full jousting regalia.

Me:  Can anyone join in these games? What kinds of skills are required? 

Ricci: Yes the Games are open to the public. As for the skills needed, it really depends on the sport. For instance in jousting, one would need a working knowledge of how to ride a horse and use a lance. For Melee, one would need a working knowledge on Medieval combat. Archery is probably the easiest ’cause well… pretty much everyone can aim and shoot a bow, as well as the Horse racing, for I do believe most can ride a horse in SL.

Me:  What is your personal favorite part about being involved in the RFL UAC Medieval Faire?

Ricci: Wow that is a good question.  I would have to say this whole experience has been my favorite part, but by far the knowledge that all of this is not only for the entertainment of the general public, it is also for a wonderful cause. I have been a strong supporter of the Relay For Life Foundation for a very long time, both here in SL as well as the RL. There is a very special reward in the feeling that what we have done here at the Medieval Faire will help people across the world that I will more than likely never meet or even know in the outside world.

Me: Is there anything you would like to say to potential participants in your events?

Ricci: Well as ye know another reason for this Faire is to introduce my love of the Medieval Role Play offered in SL. Shoot, I was in SL for 4 yrs before I even knew jousting existed here! So I guess my words to those who wish to participate but feel they do not have the skills is this: ” Do not worry about if ye are good enough.. Join in and have a little bit of fun. ” I am a firm believer in the best way to learn something is to just get out there and do it, and do not worry about winning or losing. It is the fun that matters. If ye find ye do love the fun and camaraderie, then there are a lot of places one can go to and learn much more about this wondrous side of Second Life. Or just ask me and I can point ye in the right direction.

Sunrise over the Archery Range

Sunset over the Archery Range at the UAC Medieval Faire, taken by Ricci Juliesse

How to Participate in the RFL UAC Medieval Faire

You can visit the faire now through June 26, 2016, at this location in Second Life. For details and a full schedule, check out the official faire website.




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