Spring Photo Contest

Spring into Fantasy Poster


Tayren Theas and Hig Bing are sponsoring the “Spring into Fantasy” photo contest from February 27th to March 27th, 2016, on the beautiful island of Heart of Darkness in Second Life. In short, you just take a picture or pictures wearing one of their outfits on the island, post to Flickr (or we can for you), and you could win one of four fantastic prizes! No purchase necessary. Details below.

ABOUT THE ISLAND: Heart of Darkness is a stunningly decorated, Spring and Easter-themed Fantasy land (rated G). There are a variety of amazing places to take your picture there, including a beautiful fairy valley, a stunning ballroom, a gorgeous butterfly island, and countless places with poses for both couples and singles.


SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heart%20of%20Darkness/153/164/22

The contest runs from February 27th to March 27th, 2016. Judging will be completed by the end of March 2016 and winners announced shortly thereafter on the Flickr group and directly to the winners.

FLICKR GROUP: https://www.flickr.com/groups/holidayphoto/


PRIZES: (please note new prize structure)

Category 1: New Purchase (bought from Tayren or Hig starting Feb 15th, 2016 or later):
ONE WINNER: 2000 L + 2 outfit vouchers each from Tayren & Hig

Category 2: Hunt Item (Current hunt available from Tayren’s or Hig’s stores on Heart of Darkness, by hunting on the island for 10 L or purchasing for 50L)
ONE WINNER: 1000 L + 1 outfit voucher each from Tayren & Hig

Category 3: Previous Purchase (bought before Feb 15th, 2016 OR gotten with Voucher (Prize) item from one of our Previous Contests
ONE WINNER: 500  L + 1 outfit voucher each from Tayren & Hig

Category 4: Freebie (Current Freebie from Tayren’s or Hig’s stores on Heart of Darkness):
Hig’s Freebie – Wins 250 L + 1 outfit voucher FROM HIG
Tay’s Freebie – Wins 250 L + 1 outfit voucher FROM TAYREN

There will be a total of 5 winners. You may submit multiple pictures (up to 4 per day) and you may enter more than one category (which can help your chances of winning at least some prize). Results will be decided by the end of March, 2016 and announced on Flickr and to winners shortly afterward.

FLICKR GROUP: https://www.flickr.com/groups/holidayphoto/


***RULES:*** YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE to qualify to win!

QUICK SUMMARY OF RULES: (Please see detailed rules and explanations further down.)

FLICKR GROUP:https://www.flickr.com/groups/holidayphoto/
5. YOU MUST FOLLOW ALL RULES (including posting the Required Info).

Title of Work
SL Avatar Login name (not nickname)
Name of Outfit & Designer (Tayren or Hig)
Prize Category – Category 1, 2, 3, or 4.
Windlight (Sky) Setting  (if changed)
Special filters or editing done (if any)



1. YOU MUST WEAR AN OUTFIT FROM TAYREN’S OR HIG’S stores. It can be a “new purchase” (since January 1, 2016) of a regular price or sale item, a “previous purchase” from Tayren’s or Hig’s (before February 15, 2016), the “10 or 50 L” hunt item (we don’t care if you do the hunt or 50L version), or the specially marked freebies from Tayren’s or Hig’s stores on Heart of Darkness. Therefore NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY. You will simply qualify for different categories of prizes based on your choice of outfit. You may enter more than one category, you may use more than one outfit, and you may post multiple pictures (up to 4 per day), provided they are not very similar.

You MUST use a full outfit available from either Tayren’s or Hig’s stores for your photo. The outfit must be a design by Tayren Theas or Hig Bing. It must recognizably be one of our outfits, not just a small part of it like a hat, shoes or necklace, with the rest coming from some other store. You can tell by the package, contents, and enclosed landmark who is the creator.  Please wear all the main pieces of the set. You may customize your hair, skin, shape, shoes or minor accessories, but the majority of the outfit must be Tayren’s or Hig’s. You MAY blend Tayren’s and Hig’s outfits (since some of you asked for this).

This is the market on Heart of Darkness. There are several stores with full outfits from Tayren and Hig (we each have an individual store, and then some other stores have BOTH our items). Participating stores with our designs are clearly marked. Two other stores have just accessories (shoes and jewelry). You may use the accessories to accentuate your look, but the majority of your full outfit must be a creation from either Tayren or Hig. Our freebie and hunt items (also usable for the contest) are in our individual stores (Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions at left, and Hig’s on the right).

Stores HOD_001


a) You will not have a higher chance of winning if you purchase an outfit as opposed to using one of Tayren’s or Hig’s specially marked freebie sets on Heart of Darkness. You will simply qualify for different levels of prize category. We are trying to reward individuality and effort, while being open to all. Everyone has a fair chance to win, provided you meet the conditions on this page.

b) You MAY use an outfit you previously purchased from either Hig’s or Tayren’s stores at some other time. If you do, you will qualify for the “Previous Purchase” category. NOTE: An outfit you won in one of our earlier contests counts in the Previous Purchase category.

c) If your friends are in the picture, the same rules about the costume apply to all people in the picture (unless someone is playing your pet animal, such as your horse or dog).

d) The outfit you use must be from Tayren’s or Hig’s stores, recently or from a previous purchase. Participating stores on Heart of Darkness that have our fashions are clearly marked with a sign. Other stores on Heart of Darkness are not participating and do not count.

e) You have equal chance of winning in your category or categories, regardless of whether the outfit you used in the photo was from Tayren’s OR Hig’s.

f) Your outfit in the photo will determine your prize category (new purchase, hunt item, previous purchase, or special freebie). You must enter your category along with the Required Info. We will use our sales records to verify your category if needed. You may enter more than one category, or even all of them if you wish.

g) Please refrain from using an outfit you used in one of our previous contests. We would not consider that very creative.


The picture must recognizably be a location on the beautiful Heart of Darkness island in Second Life. We must be able to see enough in the picture to tell where on the island it is located. There are many amazing locations available. You can be inside or outside.

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heart%20of%20Darkness/153/164/22


a) You may use poses that are there, or rez your own poses (up to 30 minutes rez time is allowed on the land). You may rez minimal additional props (up to 20 prims) but you will be judged for how you creatively incorporate the existing props already on the island. Many objects have built-in poses, so be sure to explore!

b) NO SEX PICTURES, NUDITY OR SEX POSEBALLS PLEASE – the island is rated G. Lingerie is fine to wear but please keep naughty bits covered.


You can post the photo to the Flickr group, OR upload to SL and send it to Tayren Theas or Hig Bing, and they will do it for you. If you are uploading to SL, the pic should be should be shot at square 1024 x 1024 and sent by NC to one of us with required info. To preserve resolution and aspect ratio – instead of uploading in SL you can also send with required info to tayrentheas@hotmail.com. TO GUARANTEE POSTING ON TIME, IT IS BEST TO POST IT ON FLICKR YOURSELF.

HERE IS THE FLICKR GROUP: https://www.flickr.com/groups/holidayphoto/


a) You may enter and post *different* photos, using different outfits or the same outfit, as many times as you like. Please don’t enter the same or highly similar pictures more than once, or have your friends also enter it for you. This will not help your chances of winning.

b) You may invite friends into the picture, but each photo can only be posted by one of the people in the picture.  If you have multiple people in the pic, only the entrant (person posting to Flickr) will win the prize, though you can split it with the others as desired.

d) Your photo having a lot of “faves” on Flickr will NOT increase your chances of winning the contest. This is NOT a popularity contest and not everyone has a ton of connections in there.

e) Please enter the required info into the Flickr description (or send it to one of us on NC with your picture in SL).

Required Info: You MUST enter this information on your description in Flickr or send it on Notecard to us. 

Title of Work
SL Avatar Login name (not nickname)
Name of Outfit & Designer (Tayren or Hig)
Prize Category – Category 1, 2, 3, or 4.
Windlight (Sky) Setting  (if changed)
Special filters or editing done (if any)

Note: Some people like to add a story or description to their picture in Flickr, but it is not required. If you do for your enjoyment that is fine, but it does not impact judging.


Your picture must be high resolution (at least 1017 pixels in one direction, the higher the better, either square or rectangular). Lower resolution photos will not be considered. Amateurs and Professionals alike are welcome to enter. If you are a professional SL photographer or fashion blogger we will weigh your picture-taking experience during our judging. Neither amateurs or professionals have a higher chance of winning.

If you are unsure how to take a high resolution picture, here is some good info.

Taking High Quality Photographs by Harlow Heslop


Tutorial – Taking high-res blog snapshots by Strawberry Singh



a) You MAY apply filters or effects in Flickr, Photoshop, Gimp or other software, provided it is still recognizably our outfit and our island. If you add filters or effects, please state as such on Flickr. Please don’t add things to the image that are not there, like real people, clip art, or bits from other photos or pictures. Over editing is not suggested. We want to see our outfits!

b) You may choose your own windlight settings, or use the one on Heart of Darkness. Please state the settings you used, if they are different than our island’s setting.

c) You can enter more than one picture and enter in different categories, but please do not “spam” us with multiple highly similar pictures (i.e. the same pose and outfit at slightly different angles). This will not enhance your chances, and you can lose creativity points.

d) Refrain from using SL “snapshots” of the kind that are immediately uploaded directly to SL, because they typically distort the image, change the aspect ratio (“squish” it too narrow), and force it into square 512 x 512 size (too low to qualify). You should choose a high resolution and save directly to your hard drive instead, then upload to Flickr or send in email (tayrentheas@hotmail.com) or on Notecard with required info to us. If you do not know how else to take an SL picture other than the “snapshot”, read the links provided above.

e) We retain the right to use your entry photos on our island or within our SL store (for example for posting the winning pictures, for writing a blog post or notice about the event, for showing some worthwhile entries that were not necessarily winners, or for spotlighting the creative uses of our outfits by our customers). We will not use any photo without crediting you as the photographer, and we will not edit and/or otherwise use your photo to make our own clothing ads.


You must follow rules 1-4 PLUS enter all Required Info as we have asked for it. You will lose points if you do not.

To help make sure you have followed the rules, please include the following info your Flickr post (or send to one of us with your picture):

Required Info: You MUST enter this information on your description in Flickr or send it on Notecard or email to us. 

Title of Work – so we can know how to name it while judging
SL Avatar Login name
(not nickname) – so we know who to give the prize to.
Name of Outfit *and* Designer (Hig or Tayren). Example – “Spring Fairy by Hig”
Prize Category – Category 1, 2, 3, or 4. See above for category descriptions.
Windlight (Sky) Setting (if different than our island’s default)
Special filters or editing done (if you did any)

OTHER DETAILS: Please note our judging guide below. This will help increase your chance of winning by taking and choosing the proper types of pictures to submit.


a) Creativity – 20 points (unusual, different, captures the attention, is imaginative, tells a story, etc)

b) Composition – 20 points (good arrangement of items, colors, scenery and/or people, pleasing to the eye, etc)

c) Good use of the outfit – 20 points (shows the outfit off nicely, fits you well, fits the setting well, etc)

d) Good use of the island – 20 points (choosing a good location on Heart of Darkness, good use of the props or scenery, etc)

e) Quality – 20 points (size at least 1017 in one or both directions, not pixelated, not too dark to see, not overexposed or too bright, etc)

f) Following the rules posted here – 20 points. Enter all Required Info above or you will lose points. If you require reminding, you will only get partial credit. By entering, you agree to these terms. Read them carefully! Ask Tayren Theas or Hig Bing for clarification if you are unsure what the rules mean, or if we did not answer a specific question you may have.

Total of up to 240 points (120 from each judge), and the person with most points in each category is the winner.

So now have at it, and HAVE FUN!!!

– Tayren Theas and Hig Bing


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